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DELPHI Consumer Insights is a market research and consulting firm that customizes research design and execution to address clients’ specific business issues and impact their bottom line. We provide compelling market data and analyses that inform business decisions, using a broad range of methodologies, for mainstream and multi-cultural audiences.

In today's increasingly complex marketplace, consumers are often unable to articulate meaningful responses to research questions that are critical to fully understanding business issues. At DELPHI Consumer Insights, we guide our clients through the maze of consumers' needs, perceptions and experiences and translate insights into competitive advantage. We listen to the voice of your consumer, access their true experiences and interpret data beyond the obvious, to yield actionable recommendations about your products and brand that resonate with your consumers.


Primarily an exploratory research approach typically used to gain a clearer understanding of consumers’ opinions, perceptions and motivations and dive deeper into a business issue; provides good foundation for further quantitative research. Usually less structured in nature than other methods.

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A means of generating numerical data that can be transformed into usable statistics, often used to quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and other defined variables – and generalize results from a larger sample population. Typically more structured than qualitative approach.

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We have an extensive market research tool box to address most of your business issues providing results to transform your bottom line. All our studies are customized and focused on clients’ priority concerns and related nuances – never one-size- fits-all approach.

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We help you figure out who are more likely to buy your products/services and buy more often, to develop smarter and more cost-effective ways to reach them. Your niche markets may be tougher to reach but your returns will be greater: more financially and professionally rewarding.

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